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Ornate wooden jewelry boxes


Golden Jewelry box with cranes

Asian influences such as Feng Shui are great to get ideas for interior design. This jewelry chest is hand painted with the traditional Chinese flower and bird. The background is in gold leaf with a hand painted lift-top and felt-lined trays. Double doors hide the slender felt-lined drawers. The hardware is all brass. An excellent gift for the wife.


Ornate ceramic elephant stool

Get an Elephant Garden Stool! They are useful indoors or outdoors as an accent table or extra seating.

Check out our chinese ceramics and other rare antique ceramics & porcelain for sale inside our store galleries.

We also have Asian antique style furniture which is comprised of items from unique artists.

Most of the furniture we have is rare and in limited stock. Once it’s sold you may never see another one like it.



Chinese ceramic plant pot on Elephant stool


Ornate black Geisha Girl corner cabinet


9 drawer tall floor style octoganal jewelry box

We also have a great selection of carved oriental wooden boxes.


Carved Wood Boxes