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We have many dinner ware sets and pieces available from melamine chopsticks, bowls, plates, cups, and more. All are perfect for serving ramen, noodles, soups, sushi, rice, and any Asian food you desire.


Ceramic red Sake set with dipping bowl, dish, sake container.

Made high-quality, our Sake sets are beautifully designed and imported from the Orient each with a unique look.

Perfect for sauces, condiments, sushi or whatever you are making. There are many styles to choose from.

Nothing makes sake taste better than a good sake bottle and set of sake cups.

We have many Sake sets to choose from.


Elegant Asian designed infuser mugs for tea! $9.99

We have many elegant Asian designed infuser mugs for tea.

Our infuser mugs have a porcelain filters and removable lids for steeping included.

The great thing about these tea cups is you can soak you tea leaves in the cup you drink from.

Elegant and in various designs, this Tea cup and infuser set will be a great addition to your tea accessories.


Huge selection of infuser mugs for tea, chopsticks and more.